PeekTab Lets You Spy On The Tablets Of Your Employees, Loved Ones

Tap into emails, messages, check web history, and keep tabs on their location for Rs 1500 per quarter.


There's a voyeur in all of us. Nosy employers, parents, boyfriends, and husbands have a natural tendency to keep tabs on their kids, employees, and significant others. No matter what your spying compulsions are, the good people at Retina-X Studios have come up with PeekTab - an application meant to go Karamchand on tablet users. This multi-platform app is compatible with Apple and Android tablets, in addition to the BlackBerry Playbook version that should be out in the near future.

All you need to do, is install the PeekTab app on a tablet, which rests silently in the background and boots up along with the tablet each time, much like a trojan.


 The app does not show up in the active programs list and silently relays all user activity to an online log, which can be accessed through your browser. This way, you can keep a track of what websites your kids, employees, or girlfriends visit. Then it gets scarier, as you can also view emails, text messages, photos, and even the physical location of the device, by accessing its GPS radio.

What's the cost of knowing if your employees or kids have been visiting porn websites, you ask? Well, it comes to $30 (Rs 1500 approx) per quarter for the online service that records and stores activity logs. It's good to know that an utter and complete invasion of privacy doesn't come cheap. The fact that such software exist should be enough of a reason for you to think twice before lending your tablet to anyone.

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