Will WarrantyBazaar's Extended Warranty Cover All Your Bases?

A chat with Snapdeal.com's Rishabh Arora about such a service from WarrantyBazaar for gadgets purchased from the online shopping portal.

Will WarrantyBazaar's Extended Warranty Cover All Your Bases?

In a country such as India, where the consumer feels blessed just with a manufacturer warranty being honoured, WarrantyBazaar has introduced extended warranty to various tech products via Snapdeal.com. We got a chance to chat with the online shopping portal's AVP Rishabh Arora to get a gist of what promise this new initiative holds for us.

What gadgets are currently covered under warranty? Are all manufacturers covered?
Currently mobile phones, notebooks, tablets are covered and these include all branded items regardless of the manufacturer.

Is WarrantyBazaar offering extended warranties exclusively through Snapdeal.com? Will this exclusivity change in the future to extend to other online retailers?
WarrantyBazaar has many types of service products. The remote support for Notebooks and Desktops is exclusive to Snapdeal for the next 6 months timeframe. It is not exclusive for mobile phones.

Does WarrantyBazaar offer only extended warranty or does it offer manufacturer's warranty that starts right after a new product is purchased?
Currently it offers extended warranty which starts once the manufacturer warranty is over. However soon it shall provide facility management of 1st year manufacturer warranty to its customers and hence take care of 2 years comprehensive warranty. I must also mention here that the extended warranty can be bought within nine months of buying the product.

The service seems to be something akin to an insurance policy. Can you give us an idea of how much a warranty may cost in general and how the amount is worth investing for a customer?
The concept of extended warranty through insurance companies is not present in India and even if there are some, they are not structured enough for the direct customers. The amount to be paid for the extended warranty depends on the price of the gadget and this is according to price slabs. So, a laptop costing Rs 80,000 will have a higher price for the extended warranty than a netbook costing Rs 15,000, although the level of service provided will be the same in both cases. The cost difference is to take care of the price of spares, which is vastly different in these two cases.

We are aware of a similar arrangement that had happened between GadgetCops and Snapdeal.com last year. How is this new arrangement any different? Are both companies providing warranty on products from Snapdeal.com?
This arrangement is different as GadgetCops does not offer extended warranty on tablets and notebooks. Moreover they don't provide AMC, remote assistance and one-time support fix, which WarrantyBazaar does. Also, GadgetCops covered only international brands, while WarrantyBazaar offers extended warranty for even companies based in India.

Is WarrantyBazaar extended warranty better than what the manufacturer offers? Does the warranty cover everything including accidental damage?
The extended warranty from WarrantyBazaar provides a greater value for money. It does not include accidental damage as of now but a combination with accidental damage is on the cards and this can be expected by mid-May 2013.

Is there any service guarantee? (Is the customer guaranteed to receive service within a certain number of business days?)
Yes, there are fixed SLAs offered to the customers and this depends on the product category and the service that it requires.

Is this a carry-in warranty or on-site? (Does the customer have to take the product to Warranty Bazaar or does a technician arrive to his location?)
For mobile phones, the support is RTB; for notebooks and tablets the same is on-site.

What are the different available warranty periods? Is there any lifetime warranty option for any product?
We offer 1 year extended warranty and 1 year AMC only. Currently there is no lifetime warranty option.

What happens when a retailer goes out of business? How do you handle the warranty in such cases?
It has nothing to do with the retailer. A WarrantyBazaar customer gets his support from the WarrantyBazaar network of support centres and not through its retailers.

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