TechTree Blog: 5 Reasons Why The iPad mini Will Succeed

A list of the factors that should cause the droids to start worrying.

TechTree Blog: 5 Reasons Why The iPad mini Will Succeed

Speculations have been rife for the past several months about whether or not Apple will launch the iPad mini — a shrunk-down version of the iPad. The latest rumour states that the device is expected to be unveiled later this month. Apple, as usual, has remained tight-lipped, neither confirming nor denying the rumours. If the rumours are indeed true, here's why droids, who have had a free run in the 7" tablet market, could finally run out of breath. In an increasing order of importance:

5. A Break From The Droids
Android tablets, which actually helped create this small screen category, have currently monopolised this market segment. A tablet running a different and proven OS is a welcome break. 

4. Bragging Rights
Whether you like it or not, an Apple product brings with it serious bragging rights. Imagine showing off the cool iPad mini to someone who has a rough-cut droid...

3. Ecosystem And Apps
The utility of a tablet depends on the number and the quality of apps available (more than it does for a smartphone, some would argue). Apple clearly leads the pack in this aspect with its superior iTunes Store that boasts the largest number of apps for an ecosystem and the apps are known to be qualitatively better than competitors. While this factor may seem as important as the next, I personally think that the following one is more critical, since it relates to the user experience.

2. Better Quality And Features
Like all things Apple, it is most likely to sport a dignified classy look. Also, it is like to have better hardware than most 7" Androids. It would not be far-fetched to assume that dual-cameras will be present, possibly along with a dazzling Retina Display and multi-touch display that has better touch response than competitors.

1. Need For A Middle Ground
While the iPad is an amazing tablet, a scaled-down version with a screen size that is smaller than the device, but larger than the iPhone, would make for an extremely portable touchscreen gadget. With a "reported" screen size of 7.85", this tablet will be thinner and lighter, making it easier to carry around.

While I think that these factors will certainly help it succeed, its pricing will be the deciding factor that will have a major impact on its appeal. An earlier report had stated that it should cost $250 (approx Rs 13,000) to $300 (Rs 15,500), which if true, would ensure its rise to glory.

What are your thoughts about the iPad mini? Do let us know in the comments below.

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A mock-up of what the iPad mini might look like.

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