TechTree Blog: How To Use The Internet

Clueless women finally have a handy guide.

TechTree Blog: How To Use The Internet

This one comes via The Atlantic. Someone at the France office of the Dummies publishing house realised that women haven't quite figured out how to use the Net, so they published a Dummies book for female dummies.

It's so hilarious, we're tempted to think it's a hoax (or a joke). From the screenshot, the cover says that (French female dummies) "will no longer have anything to be jealous of men for!" Apparently, the book is "Free of boring, technical considerations," and it promises to give the dumb-blonde type "only the minimum tools necessary to survive in this hostile environment" (of the Internet).

Almost as interesting is the fact that there's a different book for male Dummies. That one, apparently, does go into difficult technicalities. (Check out the article).

The French are pretty tradition-bound, come to think of it.

Comments? Observations? Please respond below. (Directions for women who might be reading this: Scroll down using your mouse, locate the area of the page where you can submit your comments, fill in…)

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