Interview: Rajesh Thadani — Director, Consumer Division, Lenovo India

We discuss the future of ultrabooks; get possible confirmation of IdeaPhone K860 launch in India.

Interview: Rajesh Thadani — Director, Consumer Division, Lenovo India

In light of Lenovo's renewed foray into the ultrabook segment, we recently caught up with Rajesh Thadani — Director, Consumer Division, Lenovo India to discuss its plans for the high-end laptop market. Here is the transcript of that conversation.

Ultrabooks are quite expensive when compared to notebooks. Will prices be reduced to make them more competitive?
What is going drive the ultrabook penetration is customers who need lighter laptops that also offer a lot of productivity in terms of higher battery life and better performance. With the R&D we have done on the product line, we will be able to offer all the features of a portable notebook at a mainstream price. Earlier, the prices used to be Rs 60,000 and above, but now prices have been set below Rs 50,000, which will further come down. Clearly, Intel is talking about growing this segment to nearly 40% of the market. As demand and sales grow, I am sure you will see prices coming down.

Interview: Rajesh Thadani — Director, Consumer Division, Lenovo India

Rajesh Thadani — Director, Consumer Division, Lenovo India.

Ultrabooks have been a relatively recent offering. Do you think they really will succeed in the long run?
The need of the hour is portability and longer battery life. There are customers who need such devices and we firmly believe that as we move forward, this space will grow.

HP and Dell are also offering ultrabooks, so what is Lenovo doing to fight the competition? Are we looking at better specs or cheaper pricing?
From a product perspective, obviously the basic features are going to be common. However, what will set products apart is the experience they offer. For example, when we start up the laptop from sleep to active mode, it gets very irritating if your notebook takes time to boot up. However, our ultrabooks get up and running in just one second. That's what we mean by an enhanced experience, which none of the competitors today have in the Indian market. Plus, the toughness of the aluminium casing also sets our products apart.

Will ultrabooks be a major focus, or will it remain a niche segment for you?
If you look at the current size of the products in the ultrabook space, it is close to only 10% of the market. But as we move forward and the need of the consumer matures, they will want more portability, a lighter weight, and longer battery life when on the go. We strongly believe the segment will grow, and therefore it is a big focus for us.

Lenovo had launched a couple of tablets last year — the IdeaPad K1 and IdeaPad A1. Are we going to see more tablets from Lenovo in the future?
Apart from these two Wi-Fi tablets, we also have a few 3G-enabled models coming in. What you will see in the future are new 9” or 5" [the IdeaPhone K860] products in the tablet lineup. This portfolio will start getting bigger as time goes by.

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