Raksha Bandhan 2012: Part II — Gift Ideas For Your Brother

For loving sisters who think a mere rakhi just isn't enough, here are a few gifting options for your sibling, based on his character traits.

Raksha Bandhan 2012: Part II — Gift Ideas For Your Brother

Part I of this article dealt with gifts for sisters. In this part of the feature, we will look at what a doting sister can present her brother as a token of her affection. Most brothers should fall into one of the four categories below — especially the last two!

The Filmy Brother

Next to cricket, Indians are crazy about movies. Chances are, your brother's no different. If your sibling travels a lot, and wants to catch a movie or listen to some music to make his commute bearable, here are a few gifting options.

Zebronics Zebmate Cinema 4.3
Street Price (As On 28-Jul-2012): Rs 5000 (Flipkart.com; eBay.in)

Raksha Bandhan 2012: Part II — Gift Ideas For Your Brother If your brother's a movie buff, but doesn't care too much about apps or working on the move, then instead of a tablet, a portable media player (PMP) is a better gift to give. The Cinema 4.3 comes with a 4.3" touchscreen with pixel dimensions of 480x272, and can play 720p video as well as audio files in almost all formats. Apart from the 8 GB built-in storage and 16 GB microSD card support, it comes with an FM radio, voice recorder, loudspeaker, and TV-Out. For its asking price, the Cinema 4.3 is an incredibly good buy.

Micromax Funbook
 Street Price (As On 28-Jul-2012): Rs 6400 (Tradus.com; BuyThePrice.com)

Raksha Bandhan 2012: Part II — Gift Ideas For Your BrotherFor those who like their devices to do a bit of everything, you can check out this entry-level tablet from Micromax. The slate is powered by a 1.2 GHz CPU and 512 MB of RAM, and runs Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). It can play 1080p videos, and features an HDMI-Out port, so it can be hooked up to HDTVs. The gadget sports a 7" multi-touch capacitive screen with pixel dimensions of 800x480, and comes with 4 GB of internal storage, 32 GB microSD slot, USB OTG (to connect external USB drives and accessories), and Wi-Fi connectivity. Moreover, you can access the web on the go via the bundled TATA PHOTON 3G dongle (for which you have to pay extra). It looks nice, comes with a "Made In India" tag, and at just Rs 6300, it's well worth the asking price.

The Fitness-Loving Brother

If your brother, like mine, keeps egging you to follow a standard fitness regime, here are a few gadgets that you can gift to show him that you care.

Sony W Series MP3 WALKMAN
Raksha Bandhan 2012: Part II — Gift Ideas For Your Brother Street Price (As on 28-July-2012): Rs 4500 (Infibeam.com); Rs 4800 (Flipkart.com)

For a good workout, you need motivation, the right equipment, and heart-pumping music to keep you company. If your brother is a regular with his gym routine, then the W Series MP3 WALKMAN (NWZ-W262) is the perfect companion to have. The wearable player sports no wires, with the controls to play \ pause, skip songs, record audio, and adjust volume all placed near the earphones. Moreover, the PMP is said to be water-resistant and washable as well. It comes with 2 GB of storage, which is rather limited. That, combined with the lack of expandable memory, turns out to be the player's biggest weakness.

A micro-USB port lets you transfer music from the PC, as well as charge its inbuilt Li-ion battery.The company claims eight hours of battery life for 128 kbps audio, while a full charge takes around 1.5 hours. Available in black, white, and pink variants, the W262 offers supports for audio formats such as MP3, WMA, AAC-LC, and Linear-PCM. Overall, the gadget's extreme portability, sweat-resistance, and style make it perfect for workout sessions at the gym, where the limited storage will not be an issue.

The Lazy Brother

If your bhaiyya happens to be among those types who just hand over some cash and gets over with the formalities, try doing something a little thoughtful for him this time. Maybe next year, he'll have a change of heart and get you a gift with some thought put into it.

Restaurant Vouchers
Raksha Bandhan 2012: Part II — Gift Ideas For Your Brother Several websites such as Snapdeal.com offer deals for restaurants across the city. Purchasing a discount voucher and getting your brother to take the family out to a classy place for dinner helps strengthen relationships. Also check out our post on online shopping discounts — you can buy or use coupons for a host of activities, including ordering pizza for everyone at home. This way, you can help contribute financially to the celebrations, and make the festival a true family affair.

The Miserly Brother

Unfortunately, if it turns out that your brother's gift isn’t as grand as you expected, here's how you can give him a wake-up call.

Piggy Bank
Street Price (As On 28-Jul-2012): Rs 350 (Chumbak.com)
Raksha Bandhan 2012: Part II — Gift Ideas For Your Brother This tongue-in-cheek present will definitely be something your brother will remember you by. While these piggy banks are not themed for the occasion, they make for an interesting gifting option nonetheless. It will serve as a reminder to your brother to start saving up a year in advance for the next time, so that he will be able to afford a better gift.

I hope you've found some of the suggestions in our two-part article useful, or at least entertaining. From all of us at TechTree.com, here's wishing you a very happy Raksha Bandhan!

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