How To Improve Hashtag Performance On Facebook

Choose the perfect hastags and place them properly. But, do not overcrowd them.

How To Improve Hashtag Performance On Facebook

When hashtags were introduced to Facebook in 2013, its scope was not truly understood by many. Before long, hashtags became the medium through which people and businesses discovered each other. It also paved the way for something better as it soon became the key towards successful marketing campaigns.

Do you want to know how you can improve hashtag performance on Facebook? Here’s how.

Choosing the perfect hashtag

When used judiciously, hashtags can instantly boost the exposure of your post. To do so, make sure that your hashtags are simple, but at the same time instantly appealing. This automatically means that your hashtag should be short and sweet. Nobody likes a lengthy hashtag. It should be easy to read at a simple glance. And of course, it has to be relevant to your post. If you are going to use hashtags, then make sure it helps to achieve your goal.

Do not use generic hashtags like #music or #food. Such broad hashtags will not garner much exposure because there will already be a million other posts with such generic hashtags. Be specific so that you can engage better with your readers. If at all you do find the need to put a generic hashtag, then make sure that you also have a specific hashtag. A generic hashtag alone can do more harm than good for your post.

Know and understand your hashtag

When you zero-in on a hashtag, make sure it stands for what you think it stands for. Find out how others are using your hashtag and the response it is creating. If it is getting a negative response, you wouldn’t want to make the same mistake.

You can also check out already trending hashtags. This will help you to join in on the conversation and also give you an idea about other associated hashtags that you can use. Trending hashtags have a much greater visibility.

Pick hashtags relevant to your audience

Always keep in mind your target audience. If you choose a hashtag that is not in sync with the audience you are targeting, then it will not serve the purpose. If your audience is technologically up to date, then using the right hashtags will make them have an interest in your posts. If they are not, then your hashtags may not really make any difference to them.

Do not overcrowd your Facebook post with hashtags

The reach and visibility of your Facebook post is not directly proportional to the number of hashtags. That being said, it’s always best to limit your number of hashtags to two. With more than two hashtags, you may end up giving an impression that you are trying too hard with your campaign. There is also a possibility that your followers might consider your post as spam.

Placement of your hashtag

Be mindful as to not place your hashtags in the middle of a sentence. It is better to place them strategically either at the beginning or at the end so that the flow of the sentence is not lost. 

Focus on the content of the Facebook post, not just on the hashtags

Suppose the content of your post is dismal but you have a very unique hashtag that has everything to turn into the next biggest trending hashtag – chances are that your post will not garner that much attention as it otherwise would have. Having dull post content will definitely bring down your campaign.

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Hashtags can definitely help give your post the visibility that you are looking for. All you need to do is to know how to use them wisely.

Always keep your audience in mind. Choosing short, specific, and unique hashtags can take you a long way. Make sure you keep your objective in mind when choosing the hashtag. That being said, trending hashtags can help your post go viral.

Avoid placing them in the middle of a sentence and place them towards the beginning or the end, but do not have more than two hashtags in a single post. If you do not think you can write captivating content on your own, then you can always outsource the job to freelance writing websites like Contentmart.

Now that you read all that you need to know, why don’t you go ahead and try out some hashtags and see how that works? Keep them testing until you can hashtag right!

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