7 Trends That Are Changing Your Smartphones

The smartphone industry is changing at the speed of light and changing as per the customers' demands.

7 Trends That Are Changing Your Smartphones

Are you someone who go by the latest trends whenever buying smartphones? Well, then you might have noticed that the smartphone trends are changing very fast which in turn is changing the whole experience of using smartphones.

There are certain parameters that have revolutionized the entire smartphone industry. The smartphone industry is changing at the speed of light and getting more technologically advanced, innovative and well designed. In the shortest span of time, the world of phablet, tablet and smartphones has come a long way. Well, the smartphone trends keep on changing as per the demands of the customers, but do you know what major trends are changing your smarphones so fast?

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Improving hardware with more RAM space

Some years back, the Quad Core Processor was the peak for smartphone hardware and the RAM space was 1 GB to the maximum. These were the highest benchmarks and reputed companies while designing their high-end devices tried to attain this level of advanced hardware. But, nowadays with the latest technical innovations, flagship devices have upgraded themselves to Octa-core and Deca-core Processors. Further, now you have a RAM as high as 6 GB and 8 GB, and so the phones are lightning quick in their operation. What’s more? At present, Snapdragon rules the roost most of the times.

Advanced and fast changing software

One can notice a great change in the smartphone software which encompasses operating systems like iOS, Android and Windows. Android has one of the most improved software as of now without any major glitches and bugs. Android Lollipop 5.0, Marshmallow, and even Nougat 7.0 live up to their reputation and tend to offer a range of apps and games to the new-gen users. Apart from this, several other versions of Android that has come into existence made the user-experience more advanced and crisp.

Better and faster smartphone entrants

Leading smartphone manufacturing companies are coming up with cutting edge devices that are much faster and better than their earlier counterparts. In fact, smartphones at present date have not only changed in their appearance, features and effectiveness, but are also user-friendly and budget-friendly keeping in mind the budget conscious buyers. If you check out websites like CouponDekho.co.in, Savemypocket.in, CouponMama.co.in and Savemypocket.com, you will understand how affordable smartphones are now. Where 5 years back buying a smartphone was a luxury, at present the phones have come within the budget of any common buyer due to their availability in various affordable price ranges.

The changing camera features

The increasing use of the word ‘Selfie’ demonstrates how very popular the front cameras have become. Previously, front camera had importance in the context of video calls, but now this concept has entirely changed and front camera has become a mandatory aspect.  Front cameras are used to take clear and crisp selfies and groupfies. The Apple phones boast of the most powerful front cameras to help one capture the picture-perfect moments. Currently, the smartphone makers invest a lot of money on improving the quality and performance of the front cameras. Manufacturers lay more stress on the pixel strength and this is evident in HTC Eye smartphone where the selfie camera is 13 Mega Pixel.

Increasing display size with bigger screens

There is always a craze among the smartphone users for bigger and bigger screen and this started from the Note series being introduced by Samsung. Now in the year 2017 when a 5 inch display in any model of smart phones is common, 5 years back it was thought to be difficult to handle. Apple has ended up releasing two distinct models of iphones featuring bigger display screens than they have ever tried, and with this, the smartphone industry has seen a rise in the popularity of the Phablets which are pretty convenient to use.

Innovative and superior body designs

With the advent of time the physical appearance of the smartphones are rapidly changing and at present there is the trend of manufacturing thinner phones. If the phone is thin in appearance, it is thought to be much better in performance compared to the bulkier models. With the launch of every new model of iPhone, you will notice a visible difference in its appearance as the phones are getting lighter and thinner. As per the latest update, the curved display smartphones are in trend and getting quite popular.

Powerful battery with long-lasting backup

Battery power being a vital aspect of a good phone the manufacturers are also experimenting with the batteries and has come up with more powerful and long-lasting batteries than before.  To save you from battery drainage, now the companies make 4,000 mAh of battery which lasts for a very long time. Such a powerful battery is perfect for faster, bigger and powerful phones which enables multitasking and support high-graphic games.

So, these are 7 of the major trends that are changing the smart phone industry by large. Now, you have more advanced smartphones carrying almost all the features of expensive phones at budget-friendly rates. This is not the end of course. The smartphone companies will keep on improving and making their phones much better with passing time.

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